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Nov 25, 2020

Are you holding onto thoughts and past memories that are hurting you?

The more you keep reliving those bad memories in your head and thinking about all the stuff you could have done, the more your mental health will suffer and the more difficult your daily life with turn.

But how can we let go of those memories and...

Nov 25, 2020

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving, please remember to be socially responsible and follow the health rules for this specific global situation.

What is something you are grateful for this year?

Putting aside all the bad things we've been through this year, there are still a lot of things...

Nov 21, 2020

How can we help a child during adolescence?

Once a child passes the first two stages of adolescence, things get very different and some parents even find it more difficult to guide and help their kids in these two final stages of adolescence.

In this episode, we bring you the part two of the interview with Dr. Carl...

Nov 13, 2020

Adolescence includes some big changes that are sometimes hard to accept for both the parents and the child.

From the way our body looks to the way we see the world, every little aspect of one's life will change when going through adolescence, and this can cause anxiety for the whole family.

But, how can we help a...

Nov 6, 2020

Do you think you suffer from anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal response of our body to a situation of danger or discomfort, in different cases, having anxiety is normal and even healthy to an extent. However, when the feeling of "nervousness" stays within our bodies for days and gets in the way of our daily routines, it is...