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May 22, 2018

Perinatal mood swings are more frequent than you think! Women deal with anxiety, depression and other difficult emotions towards themselves and their babies. It is a period of emotional adjustment called the perinatal stage. Mood swings affect new mothers as well as women who previously gave birth.

But how can we deal with this? In this episode Dr. Carmen Roman interviews the therapist Claudia Cuevas talk about this important topic while explaining the symptoms and the tips that can help a mother overcome the perinatal mood swings.

Claudia Cuevas-Ramirez, LMFT is a fully bilingual marriage and family therapist with a B.S. in Spanish and Psychology from San Diego State University and a Master Degree in Psychology from Pacific Oaks College. Claudia works with couples, children and families, in particular our beautiful latino families. She also among other things helps with immigration issues.


What will you learn in this episode:


  • Common emotional dysregulations in the perinatal stage
  • How is the emotional experience of the partner and  family members
  • The challenges that affect the mother’s emotional response
  • The changes the family will face
  • What we can do to help as family members
  • Successful strategies to help the mother get over the perinatal stage



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