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Welcome to your Latinx podcast!

May 30, 2019

Do you know someone who loves gambling?

Being addicted to gambling can be painful for the person and their friends or family members; this type of addiction can sometimes put their belongings, homes, and even their lives at risk.

Dr. Carmen Román talks about the addiction to gambling, where these addictions come from,...

May 23, 2019

¿Conoces a alguien que ama apostar?

La adicción a los juegos de azar puede llegar a ser muy dolorosa para la persona y sus familiares, algunas veces poniendo en riesgo sus pertenencias, casas e incluso sus vidas.

En este episodio, la Dra. Carmen Román nos habla sobre la adicción a los juegos de azar y las apuestas,...

May 16, 2019

Has your lawyer asked for a psychological evaluation?

The immigration process can be stressful and confusing; sometimes people are not ready to face and overcome every step for a successful immigration process and that makes them feel scared and anxious. When it comes to having a psychological evaluation some people get...

May 9, 2019

¿Te ha pedido tu abogado(a) una evaluación psicológica?

El proceso de inmigración puede ser estresante y confuso, a veces las personas no están preparadas para enfrentar todo lo que se necesita para un proceso de inmigración exitoso y les causa terror la idea de entrar a un consultorio para obtener un examen...

May 2, 2019

Should we congratulate men for fulfilling their role as parents?

Years ago it was not expected for a man to change a diaper, prepare a baby's bottle, or even fulfill their role as a parent in general. This was, and still is, one of many problems couples can have when having a baby. But thanks to a change in mentality...