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May 27, 2020

Perseverance, patience, and creativity. Three words that we should keep in mind on this ‘stay home’ season that will help us get through it with a much more positive point of view.

As weeks keep passing by, our 'new normal' lifestyle settles between us, and we start discovering very interesting things. Like new...

May 19, 2020

How can we tell the difference between affect and emotion?

From a very young age, we start to familiarize ourselves with our feelings and emotions, putting a name to the different ways we react to things and situations.

Today, Dr. Carmen interviews Dr. Fabrice Nye. A psychologist who works with mood disorders,...

May 15, 2020

Am I taking good care of myself and my loved ones?

Over the last few weeks, we've talked about our hopes, gratefulness, and reflections about the current situation. But now it's time to focus on ourselves, how have these weeks of confinement affected your moods?

Have you noticed that you get angry more easily? Or maybe...

May 7, 2020

While being confined, think about all the good things in your life. You have a house (or a place to stay in), food, your family, a good internet connection, and much more!

Be grateful for all of this, but also, be grateful for all the people that make this quarantine bearable.

For example, that pizza place that is...