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May 8, 2018

Have you ever regretted not talking in a certain moment? Maybe it could have affected your professional or personal life; it's time to change it all. Your voice has an amazing power, but if you are shy or afraid to use it then the world may never get the amazing knowledge and opinions that you have in your mind.

In this special episode Dr. Carmen Roman will be talking with the podcaster Elsie Escobar about the importance of the self empowerment and how you can learn to use the full power of your voice. Hopefully after you hear this episode you will feel inspired to use your voice and let out your opinions and thoughts.

They offer different exercises to get comfortable with talking and explain step by step the process of how to empower ourselves and make good use our voices to learn how to speak up when we need it and more.


Elsie started in the podcast world with her “Elsie’s yoga class” Podcast, that nowadays have been downloaded more that 4 million times, she's now working with more than 9 thousand women teaching them the real meaning of empowerment and how to use their voices in the world of podcasting.


What you will learn in this episode

-       The key to Elsie’s success

-       How to organize our ideas before we advocate ourselves before the world

-       What you need to gain a stronger voice

-       What are the beliefs that a person have when decide to use their voice

-       How can we prepare ourselves before important situations


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