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Aug 30, 2018

Why  can't I feel love? - Involuntary emotional detachment

"Why I cannot I feel love, or any other positive emotion?" This question is often asked and generates embarrassment in some people. This situation is called emotional detachment, and it is the inability to feel positive emotions and sometimes even negative.

This emotional blockage usually appears after a severe trauma or depression, causing  uncomfortable situations on a daily basis.


On this episode Dr. Carmen Roman explains what is the involuntary emotional detachment, what are the causes and how you can overcome it.

Join us in the discussion with clinical psychologist: Dr. Carmen Roman.

On this episode you will learn:

  • What is involuntary emotional detachment?
  • When and why you must pay more attention to it.
  • What causes the emotional detachment?
  • Is it normal to feel emotional detachment only with certain people?
  • The consequences of the emotional detachment.
  • 5 Tips to overcome the emotional detachment


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